Started with Villa Market in Long Beach 1998, then acquired Best Bargain in Inglewood in 2003 taking over a 25,000 sq ft market initially an Alpha Beta in the late 60’s. After a couple years later, SK Market Inc. took over Advance Food Market which was rebuilt from the ground up after it was burned down in the 1992 LA riots. It took only one year to rebuild with the support of all the previous employees who petitioned in the community to get grants from the city to rebuild.




In a complex world like the one we live in, big ideas run everything, and end up ruining things more often than not. At SK Market Inc., we know better. We know that what our customers want isn’t some big idea running what they’re going to buy. Our mission is to make sure we don’t get so wrapped up in the big ideas that we forget all the little things. We know that when our customers walk into our stores, they’re looking for a market, not “marketing”.

We know they want “Value”, but for us that doesn’t just mean providing them with lower prices than our competitors; it means making sure our customers get the best products they can for their hard-earned money. We know they want great “customer service” , but for us, customer service is more than just about smiling and being courteous; it’s about making our customers comfortable when they come in after a long day of working, of taking care of the house and kids.

There’s no big secret when it comes to being the best market around. We don’t need theorists or scientists telling us how to raise customer satisfaction. We don’t need business school graduates telling us how to “optimize” operations. We have them around, too, but only to expand on what we already know about running a business that everyone can be proud of. And what we know, we’ve learned at home.

The hearts and minds behind SK Market want it to be a business that we can be proud of, that our employees and customers can be proud to have in their communities, just as we all take pride in our own homes. We want it to be the kind of place that people can come into anytime they need anything and leave with more than just what they buy.

We want our customers to leave our stores feeling like they were the guests of someone who cares about the same things they do, so that hopefully, in turn, they can welcome SK Market and our products into their hearts and homes. And once welcomed, we hope to be the most impeccable guests. To this end, we want our associates to remember that though SK Market is a business and a workplace, we hope they will treat it with the same care they take in their own homes, so that they can take pride in its success and share in it.

We promise to do the same.